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    Who  we are?
    Following decades of continuous effort, Shaanxi Operation & Maintenance Power Co., Ltd. (O&M POWER), one of the earliest international enterprises in China that offers outstanding power engineering services in the overseas market, has established a complete industry chain on power construction and operation services. ...       >>More...
    What  we do?
    Power Plant Production and Operation General Contracting
    NWPower offers various types power plant production services...        >>More...
    Technical Consultancy Services for Power Plant Projects
    NWPower provides the Owner or EPC contractor of newly built power plant with...   >>More...
    Power Plant Operation Service and Technical Consultancy

    Power Plant Operation Service refers to the safe operation service from the...     >>More...

    Why  choose us?
    We provide:

    Safe and professional power plant O&M service.
    Power plant technical commissioning service.

    We own:
    Power plant simulation and MIS management software.
    Overseas and domestic power plants execution experiences.
    News  and Information
    Successfully Completion of Power Generation & Heating Supply for [2020-04-24]
    Fighting on the Production Line and Adhering to the Epidemic [2020-02-11]
    Control Epidemic, Stick to Positions, Fight Against Pandemic, And [2020-02-11]
    Tajikistan Project Department Highly Values Safety Issues And [2020-01-19]
    Operators in P ower Plant---the Most Worthy of being Thumbs-up[2020-01-09]
    Safe Operation of Power Plant Goes Beyond the Boundaries[2020-01-09]
    Safety Production Conference in Tajikistan Project in December[2019-12-13]
    Safety Inspection of PCPC Power Plant in the Philippines[2019-12-13]
    Monthly Exam Briefing of O & M Project Department in Philippine [2019-12-10]
    Another Success for O&M Power Indonesian Kendari Project[2019-12-09]
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    Add: 3rd FL Building C, Hangchuang International Square, Shenzhou 4th Road, Chang'an District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
    Head office Tel: 0086 (0)29 82481888    E-mail: ompower@163.com   
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